Phantom words

Jde o zvukovou iluzi, kdy v opakujícím se zvuku mozek zkouší nacházet další vzorce a vznikají tak slova, která ve zvuku původně nejsou (samozřejmě teď neřešíme případné „vtipálky“ a jejich zneužití tohoto jevu)

Dále již anglicky.

“Phantom Word Experience”: After continuous exposure to these repeating trance-like sounds, listeners begin to ‚hear‘ words and phrases that are NOT really there! Here are just a few of the words people may hear: window, welcome, love me, run away, no brain, rainbow, raincoat, bueno, nombre, when oh when, mango, window pane, Broadway, Reno, melting, Rogaine… And you, what kind of word do you hear?

The brain is constantly attempting to find meaning in things, even where there is no meaning. This can often lead us to experience such illusions. (To listen to this stereo illusion place yourself at the center of two distant stereo loudspeakers)

Source: Diana Deutsch’s Audio Illusions

Druhé video je trochu zvukový horor, ale proč jej nezkusit. Přeci jen je ve hře subjektivní vnímání a badání :).


The following may sound really jarring, but bear with it! All the featured clips all feature *only* one synth instrument at a time – piano, flute, or panpipes – but no vocals whatsoever (except the last clip, which I’ll mention in a bit). That said, if you’re familiar with the songs and their lyrics, your brain can ‚fill in‘ the blanks and make it seem like the lyrics are actually being spoken! The last clip – where the ‚ghost voice‘ is most apparent – is a collection of instruments assigned to different frequencies, to demonstrate how an ensemble of instruments is better at mimicking the range of the voice than just one instrument.